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With todays ever increasing pressure on companies and maintenance teams to reduce costs and improve energy efficiency, replacement of traditional incandescent and florescent lighting with LED solutions are becoming the norm in helping achieve this.

Whilst many manufacturers now have affordable LED solutions off the shelf for new fit outs and retrofit, we have encountered problems with replacement of existing units where manufacturers have changed the design of complete fittings or where old obsolete designs and fixtures are in use and the replacement cost of complete stairwells, corridors, plant areas etc. are prohibitive or mixtures of retrofit LED and existing traditional lamps are on the same circuits or PIR or Dali controlled.

By utilising a combination of components from various manufacturers and our in-house Electro-Mechanical engineering expertise many of the problems of retrofit or re-utilisation of existing fitting carcasses experienced in the field have been overcome.

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We are also now in a position to start offering these solutions in kit form to contractors and end users.

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